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Job Readiness Work Ethic Score
Attendance Percentage


About AJA@™STC
AJA@TMSTC is a value-added service to students and employers that rewards students by giving employers more than the typical academic grade on a transcript. Effective the fall semester of 2009, in addition to the academic grade, an attendance percentage and job readiness work ethic score is recorded for each class. The decision to include an attendance percentage and a job readiness work ethic score on the transcript was based on a survey of employers. Little if anything has received as much positive reaction from employers. With the State Technical College of Missouri mission being to “prepare students for profitable employment and a life of learning,” this bold cutting-edge initiative is an unparalleled service to students.

Procedures and Forms

In addition to the academic grades listed on transcripts, a job readiness work ethic score and an attendance percentage are issued for each class completed as applicable. 

Academic  Grade (GRD): A, B, C, D, F
Job Readiness Work Ethic Score (JR): 0.0 – 4.0
Attendance Percentage (ATT): 1 – 100
Job Readiness Work Ethic Charts 
   Short Form (Moodle Screen)
   Long Form 

Exemptions - Classes in which student will not receive a Job Readiness Work Ethic Score or Attendance Percentage

Frequently Asked Questions