Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does my meal plan work?
A1: Your meal plan works as declining meal system allowing 14 meals per week. Each time your student id is swiped a meal is removed for the week. Dining Dollars in the way of Points will also be applied to your card at the start of each semester. Each item that you purchase that is not part of the meal plan is deducted from your Points balance. Your meal plan allows you to have access to three full meals per day, Monday – Thursday and two full meals on Friday without worry..

Q2: What are Points?
A2: Points function as Dining Dollars--funds are applied to your card when you purchase a meal plan. Points may be used in the Main Stream Café or Orbit Lounge. Any remaining Point balance carries over from fall to spring semester but expire on the last academic day of the spring semester.

Q3: Who can buy a 14-Meal Plan?
A3: Any STC student may buy the 14-Meal Plan. Meal plans may be purchased from the Financial Services Coordinator in the Nilges Technology Center.

Q4: When do I buy a meal plan? A4: Purchase from Financial Services Coordinator each semester (Fall, Spring, and/or Summer).

Q5: Are resident hall students required to purchase the 14 meal plan? A5: Yes.

Q6: What is the cost of the meal plan for resident hall students?
A6: The meal plan consists of 14 meals per week—three meals per day, Monday through Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday plus $50 in ―dining dollars to use in the Orbit Lounge Café, for a la carte dining, or to treat a guest to a meal in the Main Stream Cafe. The cost is $1050 per semester.

Q7: Where are the dining locations on campus?
A7: The Main Stream Café is located in the lower level of the Information Technology Center and the Orbit Lounge is located on the main floor of the Activity Center.

Q8: Will I have enough financial aid to cover the cost of the new plan?
A8: That depends on your individual award. You can access that information in EagleOnline or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at (573) 897-5000.

Q9: What food options will there be?
A9: There will be an all-you-can-eat buffet line at breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will include more food choices, including Salad Bar, Sandwich Bar, and ice cream. This line is included in both the 14-meal and 5 meal plan.

Q10: If I have a meal plan, do I get a separate meal card?
A10: No. Just show your Student ID at the door. No need to carry cash or worry about losing your wallet!

Q11: What other meal purchase options are available for non-resident students?
A11: Non-resident students may buy a 5 or 14 meal plan.  non-residents students can pay with cash or credit at the Main Stream Cafe or the Orbit Lounge.

Q12: Can I go through the buffet line without a meal plan?
A12: Absolutely! The buffet line is open to all students and costs $4.50 for breakfast; $5.50 for lunch; $6.75 for dinner; and $7.50 for special events if you don't have a meal plan.

Q13: When are the Main Stream and Orbit Lounge Cafés open?
A13: MAIN STREAM CAFE HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 6:30 A.M. — 2:00 P.M.  and 4:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.. Hot Meal Times: Monday-Thursday Breakfast 6:30 A.M.— 9:30 A.M. Lunch 10:30 A.M.— 2:00 P.M. Dinner 4:00 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. ORBIT LOUNGE HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 4:00 P.M.— 8:00 P.M. It is closed during the Summer Semester

Q14: What methods of payment are accepted?
A14: Cash, debit/credit card, 14-Meal Plan, Commuter 5-Meal Plan.

Q15: What if I’m a resident student and have special dietary needs?
A15: Great Western Dining is committed to meeting the dining needs of the students at STC. If the menu does not meet your dietary requirements, Great Western Dining will provide a meal consistent with your doctor’s instructions. Just notify the Food Service Director, Barton Bailey at 573.897.5106.

Q16: Can family and friends eat with students?
A16: Yes, family and friends can pay the breakfast, lunch, or dinner rate to join the student for a meal.