Email is the official communication tool for State Technical College of Missouri to communicate quickly and efficiently with students in order to conduct college business. These communications will be sent to their State Tech student email accounts. State Tech email addresses are of the form Current State Tech students are expected to have a college id and a student email account. Upon application, students will be provided a student email account. Students will have the option to use the account after graduation as an alumni if they choose.

Student email is such a vital part of every single day here at State Tech! The easiest way to stay connected is to set up Outlook on your mobile device so you can check your email on the go. The College does a fantastic job of communicating and providing students the most up to date information via email. The key to receiving this communication, is to check your email frequently!

To make this easier for you, below are instructions on how to add the Outlook mobile app to both an iOS and Android mobile device.

Setting up Outlook email on your phone (iOS and Android)

How to set up email in Outlook for iOS mobile app - Office Support

  • Add Office 365 email account to your iPhone or iPad using Outlook for iOS.

How to set up email in Outlook for Android app - Office Support

  • Add Office 365 email account to your Android phone or tablet using Outlook for Android.


How to Log into Office 365 Email

  1. Navigate to or (either link will get you logged in).
  2. Enter as your Username click Next, and your assigned State Tech password. Then click Sign in.
  3. Then click the cube in the upper left corner of your 365 window and select Outlook.
  4. OR check out this helpful video here.


Office 365 Training Center

Find training and tutorials for Office 365 and Office apps and much more!




Students graduating from State Tech will retain their Office 365 email service to allow for continuous secure communications between State Tech faculty, staff, students, and alumni.